How to build Applications with Voltage Regulator L200

August 4, 2010 - category: DC power supply


Here they exist two regulator circuits, that use the IC L200, as regulator of voltage and current, the company SGS-Thomson, which give these circuits. In circuit Fig.1, we can regulate the output voltage, with the RV1, while in the Fig.2, we can regulate also output voltage – current, with the TR2 and TR1, respectively. More information on characteristics for L200, you can see in list datasheets. Shortly will be added also certain other useful circuits with L200.

Circuit diagram

Figure 1.

Fig. 1-High current regulator with NPN pass transistor

  • R1=0.7 / Io max
  • R2=10 ohms
  • R3=1Kohm
  • R4=820 ohms
  • C1=4700uF 63V
  • C2-3=100nF 100V
  • C4=47uF 63V
  • RV1=4.7Kohm pot.
  • Q1=BDW51
  • Q2=BC108
  • IC1=L200

Fig. 2-Programmable voltage and current regulator

  • R1=1Kohm
  • R2=470 ohm
  • R3=0.1 ohm 5W
  • R4=1Kohm
  • TR1=100Kohm pot.
  • TR2=10Kohm pot.
  • C1=4700uF 63V
  • C2=220nF 100V
  • IC1=L200
  • IC2=LM741

circuit from http://users.otenet.gr/~athsam/L200.htm

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